Sunday, May 10, 2020

Branding in a Digital World by Hilary Topper Review

I thought I had a solid marketing plan - then I read Branding in a Digital World - How to Take and Integrated Marketing Approach to Building a Business by Hilary Topper.  I learned from it (and as a constant learner, I love books that help me learn).

The book delves into virtually all social platforms.  It explains their use, advantages and disadvantages.  One of the axioms Hilary puts forth is the democratization of media - it is no longer just about traditional media but about all the blogs, tweets, posts, videos, photos, podcasts etc from average people.

Hilary herself has an impressive social media footprint.

I see one downside for some people on social media.  They want to live an instagram or FaceBook life.  So they spend their time trying to look good and interesting while detracting themselves from really living.

There was a chapter (page 144) called "Do you need to be on Linkedin".  I raced to this section since that would be my primary platform.  I do not love the messaging (takes an extra few seconds and is not as organized as my email)

Hilary calls Linkedin her least favourite platform.  So we have some disagreement in that one.  I use Linkedin extensively for business.

I post daily on Linkedin and do follow my stats there (unlike all other social media platforms that I largely ignore).  In a way, I feel I have created my own publication with readers of my choosing. 

I use Linkedin as a marketing tool.  EG - If I think Danby is not selling enough to TSC store(Tractor Supply Company), I would reach out to TSC and connect to everyone I can there.  Not everyone from TSC would read my posts but some would.   Then when something like the current freezer shortage happens - they think first of Danby.

One thing I like about Linkedin is people keep their own contact information.  When they change companies, I am still in contact with them.

The main downside for me from social media in general is volume.  I try to be polite and reply but the volume can simply get just too high.  This does not stop me from posting on Linkedin, FaceBook and Twitter but I often do not look at the responses I get there.

One large social platform I do not yet do is Instagram.  (I use the phrase "not yet do" so I do not limit myself - it keeps open possibilities.  EG - golf is one sport I do not yet do).  And I do not use many of the other platforms like Pinterest, TikToc, Tumblr...and the list goes on.

I use social media to amplify press.  EG - if I have an interview in a publication or a podcast, I send that out on my social media feed.

I know another downside of social media is using it idly can waste hours.  I know I can kill an hour easily reading Twitter feeds, Reddit or Quora or answering Quora questions.  On the other hand, if this is entertainment, perhaps that is not bad. 

There was a good chapter on "Social Media in the age of Fake News" that I found interesting.

Great book.  Good work Hilary.