Monday, October 19, 2015

What is your MIT?

I read a new book by Kevin Kruse on time management called "15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management: The Productivity Habits of 7 Billionaires, 13 Olympic Athletes, 29 Straight-A Students and 239 Entrepreneurs."

The book is much easier to read than the title.

I have read a lot of books on time management.  When you have an interest in a topic, reading more can help.  Just like reading about health, I always enjoy reading what other people say about time management.  It keeps me on track.

The one unique thought I got from the book was MIT - Most Important Thing.  By knowing what your MIT is and spending more time on it,  you will sell more Danby appliances (oops - freudian slip, your most important thing might be different)

One of the 15 secrets was this MIT.  All time management books suggest knowing priorities but this reinforced it and narrowed it to one thing.

After offering the distillation of time management ideas, Kruse included interviews with successful business people, olympic athletes and students.  This was an interesting spin.  Hearing real life people cite their tips was inspirational.

Good book - as one of the other reviewers says "take the time to read this book - it will save you time".

The snow is coming.  I was in Collingwood Sunday for the memorial service of a most lovely woman.  My ex-neighbour while I was growing up - Lydia Klein.  One thing that eulogy said that struck home was "she was a great listener.  You always felt better after speaking with her."  Quite a tribute.

This is the scene going into the church.

One of my investments, Pumpup is hitting the ball out of the park.  See this article in Business Insider.

And one of my favourite companies has introduced a line of ruggedized tablets.  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Getting into a Good Book

Unbelievable weather we are having.  Something more to be grateful for.  Now trying to get inspired to be grateful to do some yard and garden work. 


Some articles that might interest:

HBR has a good article saying best start up entrepreneurs are not college kids but seasoned business people. 

A call for people to think long term.  This is a plea for companies to think long term (one of the things I am actually good at).   It ties to the well known science that people who delay gratification are more successful.  The same is true of companies.

Checking email only twice a day if more efficient.  Not sure I could delay my gratification that long.
My granddaughter, Elizabeth, has such a great and cheerful attitude.  She is just thrilled with life.

When she reads a book she really gets into it.  It helps to use your hands and feet.  This is her getting into a good book or perhaps I should say Elle aime s’approprier d’un bon livre.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

No screen time - argh!

I have done an experiment 2 weeks in a row.  No screen time on Saturday.  For me screen time means no time on the computer since I have no TV.

What I found is I am almost addicted and feel a strong "need" to go on the internet.

Some of the most routine things I wanted to do:

1 - email mom to set up a breakfast and my son to confirm what time our hike was (I called instead)
2 - what hours was the bank open
3 - recipes.  Although I rarely follow them to the letter, I no longer use old fashioned recipe books.
4 - lots of email ideas and follow ups.  For these I had to  keep a paper list.
5 - read a book (I read some kindle books on my computer).

What I did find is I got a number of things done that I would not have.  For example, I did a bit more yard work and cleaned up my den a bit - both chores that needed doing.  I read more old fashioned books (I actually prefer these).

I do think these days without computers sharpen me and I may continue this.

Hubspot wrote about checking email compulsively.


Random tidbits:

Interesting blog from my friend Adam Quinton on funding female founder companies.

And another one on startup investing by A. J. Steigman.

And one by Keith Miles on integrity.

Organimi is offering cloud based org charts.