Monday, October 14, 2019

Thanksgiving and Sales Process Tracking

Happy Thankgiving.  We have much to be thankful for...and much still to do.

You can be thankful...if you can read this.
You can be thankful...that you are alive
You can be thankful...for health (even if only some parts are healthy)
You can be thankful...not to go hungry tonight
You can be have electicity
You can be thankful...for indoor plumbing and safe water
You can be grateful...for family
You can be grateful...for friends

What is your gratitude list?

Having a Gratitude Journal will change your life.  See this article.

No - things are not perfect but having gratitude for what we have makes us stronger, healthier and happier.

As ShipperBee begins selling customers on shipping parcels, we are beginning to perfect our sales process.  Actually - sales process is never fully perfected - it take continual work to hone it.  Kaizen - continuous improvement.

One way to figure out the best process is to do a series of tests and track results.  EG - take a 45 hour week.

Try spending 45 hours knocking on doors and doing in person calls.
Try spending 45 hours telephoning
Try spending 45 hours connecting with people on Linked in.

Figure out which one works best.  Of course sales process is not about 1 thing - it about a series of things.

Perhaps the best sales path is:

Phone, get an email, send an email, visit, send an email, phone, send a package, call etc.

Or is it:

Connect on Linkedin, visit, get an email, send an email, send daily Linkedin updates, visit, call etc.

Everything is about tracking and testing what works.  This is everything from the source of the list - could be B corps (they resonate with the 73.1% greenhouse gas savings per parcel shipped.  Or it could be clients that ship 100 parcels per day because $1/parcel savings adds up to a meaningful amount. 

Different clients respond to different advantages.  We have found some clients like:

1 - environment savings.
2 - 4 hour delivery guarantee
3 - 2-3 day delivery for the savings.
4 - some like the continuous pick up so parcels do not have to wait to be moved.

The message - track process, test process, repeat to polish your sales systems.