Monday, February 18, 2019

The Power of While

Today I got a light work out in before my work out at the gym.  I shovelled snow for 20 minutes.   This is a perfect example of the Power of While.  What can you do while you are doing something else.  In this case, I could get the drive shovelled and get a bit of exercise.

Last week the shovelling/chipping ice was more than just a light work out.

My brother, Lyle, who does not "work out" per se builds his life around heavy and physical projects so he gets his exercise (and he actually gets a few more steps in that I do)

I believe it is healthy to spend 20 minutes or more each day outside.

Exercise is one area I use the Power of While in a big way.  I do walking meetings with my staff and people who want to meet with me.  Most walks I do are 30 minutes.  Long enough to get some fresh air - short enough to be efficient.  Walking meetings are also very levelling - not like sitting across a table or a desk.  To some extent - less confrontational.

I will also sometimes get some friend time in by walking with a friend.

Most days I do 2-3 walking meetings.  Some rare days I will do 5 or 6.  I need the breaks anyways and it gives me a bit of exercise, steps for my Fitbit, fresh air and gives me the time to speak to people. 

I use the Power of While while I am driving.  Most of the time, I listen to audiobooks.  I surprise myself how many books I can get through even though most of my driving is short local hops.  Sometimes I will listen to an audiobook while working out at the gym (but usually not)

The Power of While is a time management technique.

A friend emailed me and article "Steve Jobs Practiced This 1 Habit That Triggers Creative Ideas, According to Neuroscience" where it talks about walking being a great way to stimulate creativity.  The article is here,

I just got an Ikea sitdown stand up desk.  What can I go while doing some computer work?  Stand up to be a bit healthier.  I also ordered a 40 pound weight vest but not sure I will wear that often.  Will see how it goes.

Lately I have been thinking about living in the present (something I am not good at).  Wondering if my Power of While hurts that.  Perhaps I should do some things without doing something else at the same time.

Some photos of my new desk, beautiful snow and beautiful grand daughter.


Tuesday, February 05, 2019

10 Things Successful People Always Do

I rarely use someone's articles in their entirety but in this case, I thought it was good.  The original was written by a friend of mine - Nate Collier.
My comments are in bold Italics.
1) Planning their Lives, Working their Plan. Ordinary folks with a plan will go further than a genius without a plan. Most folks go the same distance in life, too often much of it is in circles!
 I am fairly good at planning although, I admit, I was better in the past.  Good reminder to get back to it.
2) Growing, Developing Their Abilities. If you are not growing somewhere, you are not going anywhere.
I call this constant learning.  I try.
3) Saying No… to things that are others’ priorities, that are not core to their live’s purpose. Every yes is a no to something else, stay aware of what you are saying no to when you say yes!
 This is my failure.  I often decide I should say no more but I still end up saying yes too often.
4) Growing in Self-Awareness. Journaling is an excellent way to gain perspective on yourself, review the day, think about what went right, what and how you would do over better.
I work on this constantly.  My current work involves meditation.  And of course - study.
5) Releasing all thoughts that hurt, letting go of all attack thoughts and negativity. If you knew the Power of Your Thoughts, you’d never think a negative thought again.
I try
6) Choosing their companions carefully. Your energy levels and your life are powerfully impacted by the five people you spend the most time with. Birds of a feather flock together: what does your “flock” say about you?
I often say "you are the average of the people you associate with.  
7) Stay focused. Life is full of distractors. You can’t get enough of what you don’t need. Find your North Star, lock on!
My greatest strength is creativity.  My distractions do not tend to be outside of me.  It is my own mind.  So focus is something I could use more of.
8) Staying Positive and Solution Oriented. Successful people are optimists, believe in themselves and have good self-concepts with quiet self confidence that where there is a will, there is a way.
I am very positive generally.  Where I sometimes am not is when I think of the big problems of the world.  I sometimes find solving those to be daunting.
9) Taking Ownership. They are Pro-active, they are Response-able, they avoid Rational-lies.
I do.  I look for this in people I hire also.
10) Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude and the Habit of Happiness. They know that there is nothing but that thinking does not make it so.
I have this habit.  I am very grateful for the abundance in my life.
As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier