Sunday, June 18, 2017

Steps to Getting Your Steps

Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.

Mahatma Ghandi

To this - I say - possibly.  Or is it the other way around mostly.  Your habits become your actions, your actions shape your destiny.

I am a big believer in habits.

We are the product of what we repeatedly do.  Aristotle

One habit I am good at is getting over 10,000 steps in per day.   I actually do over 10,605.  5% more than 10,000 plus 1% extra since I alway do an extra 1%.  I average more than 13,000/day because I also try to do one day at over 20,000 steps.

I have blogged before about how much I love my Fitbit but there are other products on the market that also do this.  With Fitbit, people can see how many steps I do and I can see how many they do (if we are connected).  Part of that motivates me that I want to inspire people.

Some tricks:

1 - Most important is planning.  I review each day to figure out when I am likely to get those steps in.

2 - I love walking meetings.  I have a trail near Danby that takes 35 minutes to walk (including a short drive to the trail).   This limits my meetings to 35 minutes which is good for time management.  Walking is also very good for the meeting.  People are more equal when walking.  People think better.  

3 - I do the little "extra" steps.   I usually stop by other people's offices rather than phone (and I have a great bluetooth headset so never miss a call if I am out of my office).  I tend to make my tea at the furtherest coffee station.  I park far from the door (Except at work where people usually leave me a spot near the door.

4 - I usually walk at least 500 steps when I get up.  This is only 5 minutes.  Sometimes I get this by weeding or watering the garden (although don't worry, there are still lots of weeds).

5 - I just do it.  Sometimes I get home at 11 PM and am short steps so I have to head out in the neighbourhood.

6 - I play all sorts of games.  Like trying to string together the longest string of perfect days in a row.  Or walking a quick 1% of what I still have left in the day for a break.   Setting intra day goals - EG - 5,000 steps before lunch.

Better yet - just act like a child - allow them to be their natural selves and they will exercise.  So they need to be strapped in so they do not beat me on the steps.  Although in the case of Daniel, I am worried - he never gets any steps in.  He never walks.  Perhaps I need to have a chat with him.