Sunday, June 27, 2021

The Pandemic Made Me Realize I had Choice

 Pre-pandemic, I would be on a plane every other week.  I also spent hours driving.  I felt guilty if I did not visit my locations in Findlay, Foxboro, Saraland, Tolleson etc.  And I felt I needed to go to customer meetings and trade shows.  I felt I needed to meet suppliers in person.

Pre-pandemic, I would accept most invitations for lunch, dinner, entertainment etc if they fit my schedule.  Those added to my driving since many were in Toronto so could add another 2-3 hours of drive time.  Even those that were in Guelph, they would take an extra 30-60 minutes.

My pre-pandemic diet was much worse because of the unhealthy food choices available at restaurants.   Eating at home has been healthy.

Pre-pandemic I worked out in a gym.  Not a big deal  but that added 10-20 minutes driving for each workout depending on which gym I was working out at.  I have developed good work out habits at home (but I always could stand to lift weights more often)

Pre-pandemic I spent 25 minutes daily driving too and from work.

Pre-pandemic, a speaking engagement could take me 4-5 hours by the time I travelled, spoke and stayed for an event.  These were replaced by podcasts which take only 30-60 minutes.

Pre-pandemic, I estimate I wasted 20-35 hours per week that I do not waste now.

The time savings in pandemic have been huge...but somehow I managed to fill this time and am as busy as I have ever been.

I have always been a "yes man".  I accept meetings and calls with almost anyone who asks.  I know that is partly what fills/clogs my calendar.

Pre-pandemic I thought I had to do all these things to be successful.  I now realize often they were not as necessary.   There were many efficiencies that were forced on me by the pandemic.

As we come out of lockdown, I now can choose the life I want post-pandemic.  I can choose some of the efficiencies I learned from the pandemic.

I will say no more.  I will travel much less - likely 1/3 of what I used to do.  I will continue doing video calls since now everyone is good at them.


I am listening to a great audio book "The Happiest Man on Earth" by Eddie Jaku, a 100+ year old  auschwitz survivor.  He had a life of untold tragedy. The line that struck me though was "we choose happiness".   

I will also choose happiness.  In pandemic...and after.


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