Monday, January 03, 2022

It is the First Day of the Rest of your Life - Happy 2022

 I come into 2022 completely caught up on email and backlog which is a good feeling.  And I had some rest and family time over the holiday.  I spent some time with grandkids.  I think everyone needs some "kid" time.  It helps centre us.

So I am Zen... but what is happening in the world is causing stress.

2022 will require great leadership.  We face many issues.

Climate change is creating wildfires, droughts, floods, heat waves ...and refugees.  As a world, we will need to adapt.   Supply Chain issues continue to plague business.

I am concerned about social issues.  The Pandemic has cost governments Billions and that will need to be paid for.  And the pandemic pain has not been equal.  Some people are actually better off.  Many are not.  And many do not yet know they are worse off.

I am concerned about inflation.

Many of these things are called conditions.  Yes we try to help fix them but mostly we need to figure out how to adapt to them.  We can choose to be resilient.  We can plan to be resilient.  So I am working on my resiliency plan right now.

Part of personal resilience for me is health.  And New Years seems like the right time to focus on that.  So I have set personal work out goals.

Have a great 2022.


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