Monday, February 16, 2015

Trackimo - GPS Track anything

We have been reviewing a new GPS tracker called Trackimo at DDE Media. In all honesty it’s a pretty good product. It is small (like a small post it note size).  Fits in or attaches to anything.  Then you can track it with your phone or computer.

It is used to keep things safe.  Attach it to cars, bikes, luggage, pets - even kids.  And then watch real time where they are.

It’s a little eerie as well. My assistant tested it out before we started hiring writers and the device pinpointed him exactly at our work address. It claims a 50 foot margin of error but it hit the nail right on the head. Really impressed with the accuracy.

One of my writers compared monthly service fees with other GPS trackers and found that Trackimo is actually lower in the States than AT&T. The first year is free, so $5 a month afterward is a good deal on top.  It has some cool features as well like being waterproof (haven’t tested it), and an SOS button for emergencies, but its value definitely comes from the price and basic functionality.

You can set up zones and alerts to alert you if your Trackimo goes outside an area or goes close to something.  Very cool.

It is available on Amazon.


No post is complete without a picture of my grandson - Baby Face Xavier.  He looks like he is wanted - I think that is what people need - to be wanted.


It was a bit of a chilly walk to work today.  Minus 23C (minus 10F).  Still gorgeous.  Speed river is completely frozen.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Winter Wonderland and Empathic Acknowledging

I read a great little book by Lawrence Bookbinder PhD (Great name for an author) called Win Friends and Customers - Relationship and Business Success from Empathic Acknowledging.

I like sales books and have read dozens of them.  Most of them have a section on listening and I know this is one of the characteristics of a great sales person.  This whole book is about empathy.

Empathy is about real listening.

The book give numerous examples of how and why to do it.  It points out the benefit of doing it well and how many people need help learning to do it better.

I liked the chapter on the difference between empathy and sympathy (they are different).

There is an appendix with 24 key points that summarizes much of the substance of the book succinctly.  Things like "it is difficult to listen with empathy if you dislike the person" and "Giving empathic acknowledging during conversation is rarely done - a tragic situation because we deprive ourselves of its life-enhancing benefits"

A part of me wonders if empathy can be learned or if it is simply a part of who we are.  I do think it can be enhanced but I think it naturally has to be there to start.

Quotes from the book:

Being heard and understood is "one of the greatest desires of the human heart"...Richard Carlson

Being listened to with empathy and acknowledgement is a vital human need... Bookbinder


I am still suffering from waves of sadness over the loss of my father.  My brother Lyle wrote a fitting blog entry on him.  When I think I am over it, it hits me again.  People say you never get over the loss of a parent.


I enjoyed my walk to work through about a foot of fresh snow.  I love my Baffin boots - warm, keep the snow out and mostly because they are comfortable.