Thursday, October 19, 2017

The lucky vs the happened to them

I notice a pattern.  Successful people say they are lucky,  Unsuccessful people have things happen to them.  What I have learned is you need to choose the former.

I meet people who tell me about all the great things they did and how they did it all on their own.  It tends to be those same people who have things happen to them.  It is almost as if "everything I did was perfect BUT then something happened that was not in my control ..."

The moral of the story - give luck its due. 

I have been lucky in my life.


I was interested to read that Dysan is introducing a car.   It will be so great to have the streets cleaner.


Interesting article on refugees being the problem.


And only for those with a sense of humour (yes - I know I will get flamed for posting this but...).   Some people think guns have gone too far in the US.  See this.

My little girls:

Monday, October 02, 2017

Tabatha Ann

My daughter, Laura had a daughter yesterday.  Mom and newborn are doing well.  The only reason Tabatha is crying is because someone put that silly hat on her.
I do not do politics but the current state of affairs makes it hard not to comment.

I have a simple, genius idea to balance the Canadian budget and help benefit those least able to afford tax.  Raise HST/GST by 3% then pay all Canadians who make less than $35K 3%.  Anyone making $35K cannot spend more than 3% on HST since many things are not taxable sothey would be better off.

Balances the budget.  Saves getting the Canadian system too far out of sync with the US.   Saves Canada from increasing tax complexity.

I am worried the current track will create lots of work for accounting firms on how to work around paying 73% tax so in the end, the government will not get the 73% anyways.  Sorry to the accountants out there.