Monday, February 24, 2020

Coronavirus Impact

I suffer from blogger guilt.  Basically I do not write much.  Not even sure if I should.  But today, something is on my mind so I am.

I know when my mother was alive she read them all (and dutifully sent me corrections if needed).  At one point she asked me "how are you doing" - I replied "don't you read the blog - you should not have to ask".  I miss her.


My heart goes out to those impacted by coronavirus.

Coronavirus is scary but needs to be put into prospective.  This year in North America, 130,000 people have been hospitalized with the flu and 10,000 have died.  This compares with 2,700 deaths from Coronavirus (and 99% of those are in China).  This site is excellent for tracking 

Maersk has cancelled 50 sailings of container ships This will be almost $5B in goods – 2.5% of the US GDP.   This will create some shortages of product.  I do not yet know the impact it will have on Danby.

And we researched it.  Coronavirus does not live outside the body for more than 7 days (and only then in perfect conditions).  So any product that is shipped by ship from China to North America has no chance of transmitting the virus.

And speaking of China, ShipperBee would appreciate introduction to any ecommerce companies (who often source in China) who might like to save money on shipping while saving 73.1% of the greenhouse gas per parcel.