Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Bullet Journal

I really do not have original ideas.  Even my Ted Talk emphasized that.  The next 2 concepts were emailed to me by friends.  Thanks!

I love technology...and I don't.  So I was very impressed with the Bullet Journal concept.  I have been using a system like this for years which I simply evolved for myself.  EG - I have a series of symbols I use to indicate things like "send an email".  

The Bullet Journal has a well thought out system (way better than what I do - and better thought out).  So no point in sharing my system which is not as comprehensive.

The video on the Bullet Journal page is worth watching.

Let me know in a month if you continue to use this system.

There is a great article in HBR on the inefficiency of email.    The compelling title is "Some Companies are banning email to improve Productivity"!

One line I love in the article - "email as a new form of knowledge pollution".

I know email can distract.   I also know it can contribute to "busy work" at the detriment of accomplishing larger and more important things.

I think rather than killing email, it is best to develop killer systems for managing the volume.  Simple disciplines like blocking no-email times and only checking email at specific times.  Email is still more efficient that phoning or speaking to someone.  I once read a stat that a person could do 7 times more email than phone conversations.  I think even that is low.

Send me an email with your thoughts on this article.

And the gardens are growing:


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