Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spurt to Work

Danby has a factory in Findlay, Ohio  (and we are soon opening one in Mobile, Alabama).  The drive to Findlay from Guelph is about 5 hours.  I usually visit there on Monday - ideally on a Canadian holiday.  Being there on Monday lets me drive down on Sunday.

I take it leisurely.   I drive for 45 minutes then stop.  Take a short walk and open my computer and work on projects.  I work in spurts.

I find these short spurts of work interspersed with drive time really increases my productivity and creativity.  While driving, I usually listen to audio books.  Usually ones on marketing or psychology but recently I also enjoyed "the Big Short" - the story of the meltdown of the subprime mortgage and housing market in the US.  Captivating listen.

The tempo of drive, walk, work seems to work well.  Perhaps I should try it when I am not driving anywhere.

I read an interesting article on impressions in marketing.   The thesis was this should be the measure of any social media campaign.  What the article did not speak about was things like frequency vs reach (most marketers believe more frequency beats more reach).  Social media is perfect for frequency since they people you are connected to or your followers see what you broadcast repeatedly.

I continue to get good traction on my Linkedin articles.   My article on increasing self discipline - increasing energy has over 100 views.  This is the same as increasing marketing impact.  Too early but I just did one on Momentum in Marketing.


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