Sunday, May 29, 2016

Damned Nations and Standing Desks

I read a book today by Dr. Samantha Nutt MD - Damned Nations - Greed, Guns, Armies and Aid.

It was captivating.  Scary and depressing in parts but also hopeful.

Nutt understands the complexity of the problem.  She has traveled to war torn areas frequently.  She founded the charity - War Child.

Good book - worth reading.

At the same time, I am listening to The Evolution of Everything by Matt Ridley.  Well not actually doing it at the same time (Multitasking does not work).  Ridley talks about the correlation between peace and commerce.  When people do business together, there tends to be peace.  When you look at a map of the troubled areas - they are those which lack robust trading economies.

As a businessperson, I actually think commerce can help.  Of course it has to be done fairly.

 I am enjoying the weather in Ontario.  OK - I now have a conflict of interest.  Danby sells portable and window air conditioners.  It is a business of feast and famine.  Either the business is out of product or ends up the season with a warehouse full of them.

Of course Danby is not just in Ontario.  Sales are spread through North America (and a bit in Mexico).  So real sales are not determined by one geographic area, it is a combination.  EG - I was in Vancouver on Friday and got caught in a cool rain storm.

It is not a matter of average temperatures.  It is a matter of extremes combined with number of days.  And humidity also helps.
Success Habit of the day - listen to audiobooks when driving and sometimes when walking.  The reason only sometimes is silence is also good sometimes.  We have to be careful not to make our time 100% busy or we cannot be creative.  We need time to reflect.


And a promo video.

Researcher claim a 46% increase in productivity for using a standing desk.  I wish it was that simple.  I use a standing desk on and off and have not found this increase in productivity.  I do it for the health benefit.

Still - interesting study.


At 7:18 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

It is definitely air conditioning weather! Danby should do well this summer - they are predicting a hot one...

A couple of interesting reads. I will check out "The Evolution of Everything". Sounds intriguing.

I've also been thinking about a standing desk - for the health benefits. But not sure that it works well in my home office... ;-)


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