Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blogger Guilt

I feel guilty when I do not blog.  But is am wondering - is this really something to be guilty about?

The reason for not posting is usually time pressure but sometimes it is creativity.  So for creativity - I welcome any ideas you would like me to blog about.


I posted an article on Linkedin on easy video marketing.   I believe in video for marketing but am not a real consumer of video (No TV does that).

I like the Linkedin publishing platform.  Open rate is still fairly low.  100-200 people read a post out of 5,000 connection.


I love Simon Sinek's thinking.  I just re-read his book - Start with the Why.

And I was thinking what would a good why be for Danby and DDE Media?   The how and what of selling appliances, doing SEO are not inherently noble.

So I thought about the many interviews I have done on the Syrian refugees and why I am sponsoring 50 families.  There is a humanitarian crisis.  So "I do the right thing".

So at Danby and DDE Media, our Why will be "We do the right thing".  On a micro level, it works.  We treat each other well and with respect.  We produce good product at fair prices.  We don't spend $10,000 if we can do it for $2,000.  We do not spend 40 hours doing a 5 hour job.  But mostly, it resonates at the macro level.  We do the right thing for the world.  Appliances and SEO just allow us to do that.

Tied to this - a study revealed ethical bosses produce ethical staff.  I am not seeing a lot of my staff becoming vegetarian or even putting up solar panels.  But I do believe the study result so...we do the right thing.


My favourite workout is still the 7 minute workout.  I have an app on my phone that counts it down and tells me what to do.  Business Insider did an article that it actually works so hope they are right.

I find the 7 minute workout a bit light on abs so I like to throw in a couple of ab exercises before starting.  The toughest parts for me are the side planks at the end (I know, they are abs).  And the spiral pushups.

What I would like to see is a couple of other 7 minute workouts along the same lines.  To work out other muscle  groups.  To allow for recovery between working out muscles.

I will never substitute this 7 minute workout for my fitness routine but it is a great addition.

Best days for me are 2-3 ab exercises, 7 Minute Workout, some curls and tricep work with dumbells followed by 30 minutes cardio followed by 7 Minute workout again.    It is awesome - can hardly move after that.



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