Monday, February 22, 2016

CEO and the 7 minute workout

Lately, I have incorporated the 7 Minute Workout into my routine.  I downloaded an app which does the timing and tells me the exercise to do.  Very simple.  And there is never a day that I lack 7 minutes.  There sometimes are days I lack the motivation to spend it doing the workout though.

The exercises require no equipment other than a chair so simple to do anywhere.  They could also be done without shoes although so far, I have always had shoes when I do the workout.  One of the "big" items that take space when traveling is shoes so on rare occasion I skip the running shoes when I travel.

In short, I love the short time it takes to do the workout.  But there is a big but - the workout is fairly tough so I tend to not want to do it.  It is more of a "I would like to have done it".  So the trick I use if I will just start it and then of course you know the rest - I finish it.

Another variation I am playing with is 2 other versions with slightly different exercises.  My logic is to give the muscles time to heal by doing slightly different workouts on alternative days.  And the reason for 2 other variations is that way I can do a 7 day cycle with alternate day exercises.

This workout by no means replaces a real 45-60 minute workout but it is a great habit to sneak in on any day there is no workout.  This is a great workout to use for my  "never shower without breaking a sweat rule"

When I first started blogging, I have just published a book on time management so most of my blog posts were on time.  This would have been appropriate to blog about at that time.


I was interested to read in Fortune Magazine that few CEOs blog (although it is increasing).  And many do not even use social media.

I know as with all things we do, there is a tradeoff.  Do we spend time on social media or doing something else.  And as with everything, an appropriate balance works.

I see social media and blogging as "owning a microscopic media empire".  It gives one the ability to influence.

Speaking of influencing.  Take a look at the new Danby Breaking Bland site.



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