Monday, February 15, 2016

Kids in Candy Stores vs Entrepreneurs at Trade Shows

I had the privilege of going to a trade show in Frankfurt.  I do a weekly report to my board (this is good discipline) and in it I said "for an entrepreneur, a trade show is like a kid in a candy store".  I have to so much restrain myself.

The challenge with me, is I have far more ideas than time and resources to implement or to implement well.  And I also need ideas that are the "right" size.  I am keenly aware that a $50,000 idea is too small for Danby to do.

At heart, I am a marketer and a merchant or trader (no - not a traitor).  I love buying things, figuring out how to add value and then figuring out how to sell them.

I love shows from the marketing ideas I see that I can merge and morph into things we can do.  I am also a bit of a critic - always thinking "how could they do it smarter".  For example, one vendor was giving away apples.  What a great idea - way better than the many other booths giving away candy.  But the apples were big.  They could have bought small apples and had the same impact.  I saw the poor woman struggling with the boxes of apples.  They could easily have done it with half the number of boxes with the right size apple.


I have recently started to post some articles on Linkedin.  One I just posted in on improving your Klout score.  Of course it helps my Klout if you all go there and "like" the article.

I am thinking for many people, using Linkedin updates is better than doing a blog.  Blogs can take time and thought.  


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