Wednesday, June 01, 2016

What is in a Tag Line? Do the Right Thing

I recently read a book (big surprise) that had a list of taglines and that got me thinking.  Do taglines work if they are just words?  Or does the company have to do something to earn the right to their tagline?

In some cases, I think just having the tagline works - when it is in sync with what we think the company is.  For example:

Just do it - Nike (they stole that one from me before I thought of it)
Quality never goes out of style - Levi
Challenge everything - EA (Genius for a video game company)
Live in your world, play in ours - Playstation
The greatest tragedy is indifference - Red Cross

Some that resonate less with me:

There is no substitute - Porsche  (well actually there is - for example a Prius.  And if you want a sports car, go with a red Prius like me).

Between love and madness lies obsession - Calvin Klein (I did not know madness was the opposite of love and is obsession really a good thing?  I think that is why they invented the restraining order and 12 step programs)

When you care enough to send the best  - Hallmark  (I hate to say it, if that's the best you have...)

I'm loving it - McDonalds (do I really need to comment?)

Open Happiness - Coca Cola (is sugar, cavities, obesity really that happy?)

Interestingly, the taglines I did not know - McDonalds and Coke resonated the least.

I did just do a blog entry mentioning all these companies by name so they get the free press and massive surge in business that will result.  So in that sense - taglines work.

For Danby and DDE Media the tagline or mantra is "We Do the Right Thing".   We came up with this after being repeatedly asked why the Syrian thing?  Obviously - because we do the right thing.  And in business, it applies to almost everything.  How do you treat co-workers?  How do you treat customers?  Is the product good value?  etc.  It can be used to answer almost any question.

People often approach me for investment advice.  This is what I currently suggest:


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