Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Time Tip - workspace

Tired today. I need to get home earlier or cut my wind down time shorter. Tonight I got home about 9 and had dinner about 9:30 so by the time I had a 2 mile walk, it is now after 11. And of course I always like to read for a bit.

My den feels messy tonight. When I get home too late too often, it tends to slip. Goes against my time tricks.

I like to be able to sit down and begin instantly at my task rather than having to track down a tool I might need. It is not only the time to get the tool that you lose but the loss in concentration to get it.

Time Tip:

If you can, only do your job at your workspace. If you always power read when you sit in a certain chair, then psychologically, you will jump into it faster and stick with it more. The advent of computer games has made this difficult on home computers – the best thing would be to never use your home computer for games – only work (and have another place/system for recreation). If you cannot have a separate space for your work at home, you can always sit in a certain way or set up the desk in a certain way that triggers you into work mode.

Have multiple items that you need frequently. For example, I have reading glasses, a calculator, pens, stapler, post it notes etc at my desk at the office, my desk at home, my briefcase (which is a backpack) and next to my reading chair.


At 8:59 PM, Blogger Jim Estill said...

Great idea. Always appreciate tips.


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