Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Life Long Learning

I was tied up most of the day in a RIM board meeting. I sometimes feel guilty that it takes me out of SYNNEX business but I certainly do learn. It gives me a view into other technology areas and into large public company life. It helps to expand me. The legal issues RIM has been involved with are also morbidly fascinating.

I presented our company results and the company survey to Guelph staff. Good attendance. The slides were too detailed to see well. I need to make the message simpler. I feel I also need to break into two groups because the room cannot accommodate that many people. Some questions but not enough interaction to say it was good.

You likely notice that many of my blogs are about learning. I am a lifelong learner. I seek knowledge.

Knowledge can be your competitive advantage.

Nothing is constant in the world – everything is always changing. I want to be equipped to take advantage of changes. The best way I know of to equip myself is to always learn.

People tend to equate learning with school and boring. This is simply not true. Learning is interesting and fun. Especially if you know yourself and what inspires you. Of course learning about something that has no interest to you is very boring but you have an opportunity to learn about whatever you want.

The ways to learn are endless – reading magazines and books, audio programs, TV(the right TV), video programs, courses, tutors, ask someone etc.

I tend to be inspired to research. When I am inspired on a topic (like how to write a book), I can go into a research phase and read 8-10 books and articles on the topic before moving onto other things.

I have read that one characteristic of people who live a long time is they are lifelong learners. This alone is inspiration for me since I need to live a long life to be able to accomplish all of my goals.


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