Saturday, July 02, 2005

Time to recharge

Lazy holiday weekend. Worked most of the day yesterday then drove up the Bruce Peninsula to where my brother, Glen lives. He owns a wind turbine. Lives in a beautiful cottage overlooking Georgian Bay.

My 3 kids came up. I had not seen my son, David, for a couple of months. It was good to see him. He is working nearby at Camp Celtic as a counselor. My youngest brother – Lyle, his wife, Tami and 3 of his 4 kids also are here. More activity than I am accustomed to.

This morning we did a 4 hour hike on the Bruce Trail. Beautiful.

It is days like today that help me appreciate what I have. I often say I lead a charmed life (actually it is one of my mantras) and days like today prove it.

I have often had feedback that I work too hard and that I should slow down and smell the roses. Something in my causes me to be driven. Why should I fight it? And occasionally I do take time off. I am a believer that we need recharge time in order to be at our peak. Perhaps I just take less of it than some.

This will be a good recharge weekend.


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