Sunday, July 10, 2005

Business Coaching

I spent much of today with my new business coach – Daniel Mueller. We cycled about 40 miles from Niagara on the Lake to Niagara Falls plus some and back. Nice day for it. He is in better shape than I am and a hard core cyclist so has an awesome bicycle. Still, I think he did not have to wait for me too much.

We talked about SYNNEX corporate culture – he told me I have a keen interest in culture which, once pointed out, I agree with. We talked a lot about goals. I have no problem in that area (unless it is that I like doing it so spend too much time on it). We talked about my top 10 list which are tactical things that support the goals I am working on. My top 10 list is not my TODO list. Many items on the top 10 list explode into many more items on the TODO list.

Daniel stressed the importance of having goals not just for business but for life – EG no health goal and die before getting to the business goals.

We talked about leadership. Clearly I have a keen interest in that.

Before and after meeting Daniel, I worked on my deal. Still lots of calls, reports, analysis, brainstorming etc to get that done. Tomorrow will be a more than full day on it.


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