Sunday, July 10, 2005

A place for everything

I missed my usual catch up time in the office this weekend so feel behind. Usually a few good productive hours on the weekend are worth a whole day during the week. I also missed any time in the garden which would have been nice – currants, raspberries and gooseberries are ready to pick.

Lots of conference calls today. Still did manage to squeeze in the good son thing and help my parents move some furniture. They recently moved into a retirement place and are still settling in.

My father is naturally quite fastidious so organization is not at the top of his list – he does it naturally. One thing he always says is “a place for everything and everything in its place.” This is a great way to stay organized and productive. I need to do a bit more of that at home as I notice my den is getting cluttered a bit.

I also did some online Microsoft learning that we are thinking of doing with our staff. I did a tutorial on Outlook and learned a few things I am going to start using so that is worthwhile. I use outlook extensively so am competent but still was able to pick up a few tricks. There are major time savings in learning how to use the tools you use daily better.


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