Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Vegetarianism and other things

Played duplicate bridge tonight. It is a good diversion. Takes my mind off work completely for a few hours. Of course now I pay for it by having to get caught up.

In tidying my den, I came across a newspaper clipping I was saving for my brother Glen – the big environmentalist, produce 500 times more power than you can use guy. According to Alan Calvert, a British physicist, “animals eaten by people produce 21 % of the carbon dioxide that can be attributed to human activity.” He suggests people switch to a vegetarian diet to battle global warming. So being a mostly vegetarian (I eat fish and chicken 5-6 times per month), I do my part unlike Glen who still eats meat (although I know he occasionally tries to cut back)

I finished reading “Put your Heart on Paper” by Henriette Klauser. I often forget how books get on my reading list but this one did. It is not very business oriented at all (what must I have been thinking). Her message is that writing is a powerful tonic. It is a way to create a bond with people, to straighten out your own thinking, to leave a legacy and she speaks of the power of the written word. It likely resonates with me since obviously I like to write. Some of the ideas I did get from the book are:

1 – Brainstorm on paper. She calls it High Energy lists. I knew this but it is good reinforcement.

2 – Write it down – make it happen. Good old fashioned get your goals on paper. Written goals often happen with what appears to be almost no effort on your part. The simple act of writing them down can cause them to happen.

3 – Writing can be a powerful form of communication that is often not used enough. Although it can be one way (and thus open to misinterpretation), it is sometimes a good way to say things you might be uncomfortable saying. I interpret this to mean good things. Tell the people you care – why.

4 – Writing as networking. My parents have done a Christmas letter for years. Not sure they think of it as networking but it is. I know I constantly need to nurture my network –this can help (and be highly efficient too)

Bed now – the workout will begin too soon.


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