Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Years Purpose

I love New Years.  Good time to rethink goals.  Set new one.  And decide what a few success habits I can add to my routine.

Often good habits slip and need to be reinforced.  I know I have slipped out to my blogging habit.   Partly I blog for you - the reader.  But partly I blog for me.  I know I am more likely to be productive and use my time well if I am "reporting" on life.  I think this is one reason I do so many book reviews.  Knowing I am going to "report", I take the time to read a book.  It becomes a positive loop.

One habit that is easy is the habit of being thankful.  And I know I lead a charmed life.  I have lots to be thankful for.  I can write one of two things daily.  It reinforces positivity.

When I spend time on goals, I take time to think of purpose.  Purpose precedes goals.

I read a book - the Story of Purpose - the Path to Creating a Brighter Brand, a Greater Company and a Lasting Legacy by Joey Reiman.

The book makes a point that successful companies stand for something greater.  They have purpose.  The goal can sometimes be internal - like Nike - Just Do It.  Healthy shoes for healthy people.  Get active.  But the goals can also be linked but indirect - EG P and G invests millions  in vaccinating people in developing countries. 

I was taken aback that Coca-Cola was one of the companies cited with having purpose.  Of course I was thinking there was not much virtue in selling sugar water.

Much of the purpose and value of great companies was to value the team and foster team spirit.  The great purpose was summed up - put humanity back in business.

And the book pointed out the relationship between good purpose and company success.

It had a cute section on "places to think" which included in the shower, in the car with the radio off, the park etc.  Ironic but we do need to be reminded to take time to think.

Anyways - though provoking and interesting book.


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