Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Perfect Day

I am having Blogger stress - the stressed caused by not blogging for a while.

One way to create a good life (nothing is ever perfect) is to think about your perfect day.  So this morning, I am writing down the components of a perfect day. And at my stage, there is no reason I should not have more perfect days or days that are more perfect.

There is a big difference between what I am calling perfect and perfection.  We are not aiming for perfection.  If we did, the slightest hiccup could ruin what is the perfect day.

As one thinks about perfect days, it is also good to include how to make more of those components happen.

Today included part of what makes a perfect day for me.  I woke early.  I always love early morning and am highly productive.  there are so many things I like to do in the early morning.  But the problem with early rising is sleep.  I need to go to bed early and I am not particularly good at that.

Other parts of a perfect day for me include exercise (although sometimes it is more the having worked out than the actual working out that I want) and eating right.  There is no reason for these not to be every day for me.

I need some social interaction.   I need some friend time.  I need some outdoors (although I could do without the pollen).  I need gratitude - appreciation for life and the world.  I need a neat, clean and tidy environment.  And the list goes on...

Try writing down your perfect day.  It will help you have more perfect.

I love great companies.  One of the ones SEO Pledge is working with is an email marketing company (with permission of course).  I find just being around good companies inspires me.  Likely part of my perfect day.


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