Thursday, November 08, 2012

Tell To Win

I awoke this morning to a gorgeous snow cover.  I love fresh snow.  It is beautiful.  And since it is warm, it is perfect packing.  Wish my brothers were here so we could have a snowball fight.

The temperature will rise today so it will likely all be gone.

The downside - there was a tree down blocking the driveway.  And most of my not yet mature fruit trees are broken.

The pictures:
1 - the tree across the drive
2 - a 6 foot wood/twig pile I had piled on the road.  Previous storm results.
And being slightly storm bound (They do not know now to deal with snow here), I read a book.  Perfect start for a day (other than working out which I will get lots of moving the downed tree - and reading - that will help my brain)

I read Tell to Win - Connect, Persuade, and Triumph, with the Hidden Power of Story by Hollywood producer Peter Guber. 

Guber has lead a very interesting life - meeting with famous figures like Michael Jackson, the Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela,  Muhammad Ali and lots more.

The gist of the message is people listen, engage, remember and act more when the message is delivered as a great story.   "Move their hearts and their feet and wallets follow".

Of course the book is about story telling and part of what makes a good book is story telling so this is a fun story filled book to read.  And reading it helps to show how things that I did not think were stories can be made into stories.

I intend to try to use stories more as a result.


At 10:08 AM, Blogger Mark Fasciano said...

I bet Canadian trees wouldn't fall so easily!


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