Thursday, November 01, 2012

Living Off Grid

I am living off grid now.  4 days so far.

Hurricane Sandy knocked out power at home and the office.    No Power, no phone, no internet, no hot water, gas is getting scarce - stations are out or have no power to pump.   We lost a few trees.  Neighbors fared much worse with car damage, trees on houses etc.

Living in the dark is fine (Many people think I live in the dark most of the time).  My worry is for the freezer full of fish.  Wild fish caught in Northern British Columbia.  A neighbor has kindly loaned us his generator daily to keep it frozen. 

Of course my brother Glen pointed out, I am not really off grid, I have water and occasional cell service.

It is getting better by the hour.  Cell service gets a bit better.  A few more places have power and a few more hotspots become accessible.  My Verizon Air card did not work at all yesterday but works now if I am in an area with power (so not at home).  

But I am fortunate.  Safe and healthy.  Just minor inconvenience.  I prefer to look at it as adventure.

First 2 and last  pics are on our property.

The tree blocking the street is commonplace although many have been moved or at least a car width cut through.


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Nora B. said...

I had been wondering about you & my cousin Elizabeth. So good to hear you're OK. Winds reached about 80 kmh up here in Ottawa but there really wasn't much damage. So sad to see so much devastation in the NYC area.


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