Monday, December 24, 2012

The Spirit of Kaizen

I like New Years because I like to set goals.   I know it is not quite New Years but it is close to holidays so it counts for me.

I read a book - the Spirit of Kaizen - Creating Lasting Excellence One Small Step at a Time by Robert Maurer.  The title says what kaizen is - the process of continually creating excellence or continually getting just a bit better.

People often ask me how EMJ was successful.  It was not one thing, it was a lot of little things.  The focus was on many tiny competitive advantages which in total created a profitable company.  The same is true of Kaizen.  The focus is not on a complete change and makeover, rather it is just one tiny thing at a time.   The book even cautions against "We need something bold and innovative" or trying to make sweeping changes (which is the temptation with New Years resolutions).

This is like the 1% Solution.  A tiny 1% change every day doubles in 72 days.  I use that 1% rule when I work out.  I just work out 1% longer.   So my calculation is I will be able to bench press 3964 pounds in just 2 years by only adding 1% to the weight each day.

I have blogged many times about the power of success habits.  For me, most kaizen revolves around those.  Just a few more tiny habits can create long term good impact.

The Spirit of Kaizen has a lot of little ideas for personal and business growth.  EG -  How to inspire staff in 3 minutes per day.  And I liked the chapter on sales.  Every sales person needs to practice Kaizen.

The Spirit of Kaizen is a great inspirational book that reinforces the value of small changes to create big results.  

Good luck on creating your goals, resolutions and your future.

I know one habit, I have never been good at is stretching.  But I am now battling a bad case of tennis elbow (actually in the inside so it is called golfers elbow).  So one habit I will be better on is stretching.

Have a great Christmas


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