Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stop Workplace Drama

It is amazing how a bit of personal news brings everyone out of the woodwork. Thanks for all the congratulations.

I read an interesting book by Marlene Chism - Stop Workplace Drama - Train Your Team to Have No Complaints, No Excuses, and No Regrets.

I hate politics - including office politics and this book attempts to come up with creative ways to stop them. Or perhaps - recognize that they will exist so make them positive.

Her big point is it is about communications and much of that starts with listening. Much of drama comes from a lack of clarity. It can also come from the relationship or from resistance.

I have found most of my business career involves overcoming resistance to change. Selling change is a large part of success. Chism had a number of practical suggestions on this. EG - implement a trial period, manage expectations, challenge whether is a gap or is it as big as thought,

She talks about The Drama which is the situation and that does not have you be your Drama or reaction.

I actually like having a few complainers. They can be the ones that point out areas for improvement. Of course it helps if they have some tact about it but even without, it can be high value. I prefer to call them more positively the devil's advocates. People who are willing to speak their mind and point out challenges.

This is the same as customer complaints. They can be your best source of building future excellence.

It is a good book - essential for any leader who has drama issues.

I always tend to look at things from the leaders' view. Another view:

If you are afraid of your boss, this book will give you the courage to face that fear. If you are keeping things from your boss, you will look inward to ask yourself where your commitment truly lies. If you are letting the queen bee run the show, you will be forced to face the truth and ask yourself what you are afraid of losing or who you are trying to please—and at what expense. Excerpt from Stop Workplace Drama


At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Marlene Chism said...

Thank you for your review. Great point about how having a few complainers can help you to fix problems. I love bosses who encourage employee engagement and problem-solving.

At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing -


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