Friday, March 11, 2011

Entrepreneurial Effect

I was saddened to hear about the Tsunami in Japan this morning on the way into work. Any challenges I have are mere blips.

I read an awesome book last night - The Entrepreneurial Effect by James Bowen.

In the introduction, Bowen says:

" investors, advisor/mentors, founders, entrepreneurs, professional managers, inventors, consultants, academics, students and others interested in the start-up and growth of technology based product and service companies."

It is a collection of articles by successful entrepreneurs. I know most the of the writers and am friends with many of them so I found it particularly interesting. I am almost reluctant to mention any of them by name for fear of offending the ones I don't mention.

I also like the article format since you can pick the book up for a few minutes, read an article and come back to it later.

It is broken into section like "Being an Entrepreneur", "Strategy and Planning", "Marketing and Sales", "Growth", "Legal" ,"Investors" and "Corporate Culture".

I think everyone should read the book. I am a bit biased though since I did contribute one of the articles.

I loved it because it inspires entrepreneurial thinking - something I find exciting and something I think we need more of (well maybe not me but...)


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