Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cloud Computing Trends

I thought the following press release was of interest. I invested in Hatsize and sit on the board.

Hatsize releases first annual Cloud Automation Trends Survey results. Landmark survey identifies 2011 cloud automation trends and indicates cloud automation will spur sales growth. Hatsize conducted anonymous survey of 181 North American business leaders.

Calgary, AB (Vocus/PRWEB) February 16, 2011

Hatsize, the leading cloud automation software provider for hands-on demos and training, today announced the results of a landmark survey on cloud automation trends based on feedback from a broad range of businesses in North America. It was delivered as an anonymous online survey to potential users of cloud automation in sales, channel, training, IT, and other functions. There were 181 respondents from businesses of all sizes and types. 57% of the survey respondents were director level or above.

“Hatsize conducted this anonymous survey to provide more concrete information about business users' plans and budgets for cloud automation,” said Sue Miller, Hatsize CEO. “The high percentage of respondents that indicated they have budgets in 2011 for cloud-enabled demos, proofs of concept, training and product launches is a very strong indicator of the immediate potential of this vibrant, emerging business.”

Business leaders who completed the survey cited the single, biggest challenge facing their companies in 2011 as sales growth (42% of respondents). Other growth challenges included differentiation (8%), channel sales (7%), and product launches (4%). Only 9% were concerned about cutting costs compared to 61% of respondents who were concerned about these growth-related challenges. This indicates respondents believe the economy is improving and corroborates the investments they plan to make in key cloud-automated revenue-generating initiatives in 2011.

The majority of respondents see cloud automation technology as a clear way to increase sales revenue in 2011. Specifically, 74% of respondents said they need one or more types of cloud automation. The most popular cloud automation solutions are ones aimed at improving demos, proof-of-concepts and training to drive more direct and indirect revenue faster.

Summary of Survey Results: Top 2011 Cloud Automation Trends

Clear Business Need

* 74% of respondents said they needed cloud automation
* 67% of respondents said they had budgeted projects

Top Challenges & Focus

* 61% of respondents are concerned about growth especially increasing revenues from direct and indirect sales
* 50% of respondents are interested in using cloud automation for demos, Proof-of-concepts (POCs) and training to achieve their growth objectives
* 54% of respondents said cloud-enabled demos and training are extremely important or very important in 2011

Due to the strong interest expressed in the results, Hatsize plans to conduct this survey annually.


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