Monday, February 07, 2011

The Great Workplace

I am just back from a week of travel that ended with a break for Qu├ębec Winter Carnival.

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And I hope RuMe saves the world with nylon bags.

I am not a big sports follower but General Sentiment has an interesting article on the Superbowl.

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I was interested to read in the Globe that only insane people are entrepreneurs.

I read "The Great Workplace - How to Build It, How to Keep It and Why it Matters" by Michael Burchell and Jennifer Robin. Clearly I believe in having a great workplace so no need to sell me on that.

The book speaks of several factors that contribute to a great workplace:

Credibility - Belief in the Leader

Respect - People want to feel they are valued members of their organization.

Fairness - People are motivated by the feeling that things are fair.

Pride - People want to feel pride for their work and their company.

Comradeship - People need to feel a part of a group and are happiest in their work if it gives them that sense.

It goes on to elaborate on each of these factors including how they can be fostered.

My view is different people will be inspired by different things. And inspiration is relative - does it mean someone is willing to stay 5 minutes late or give up their weekend to the job.

I always ascribe to a "treat people right" philosophy. Or "be nice", "treat people as people" etc. In most cases this works. The challenge is if people do not view it as "being nice" and "being nice" means different things for different people.

The final chapter was on taking action. Critical in the success of any plan. It speaks of the Balances -

Responsibility and Humility
Passion and Patience
People and Results

I liked them all, although I am not sure they are opposites, exclusive or that they need balance. For example, inspired people are happy AND get great result.

Good book - every leader should read it.


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