Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What Could Happen if You Do Nothing

Everyone who knows me (or is connected to me by linkedin, facebook or Twitter) knows I like quotations - especially motivational business quotations. There is one quote by Anthony Robbins that is often used that I do not like is "If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten"

I guess this could be motivational if you have not been successful.

I see the opposite in successful people and businesses. The quote should be "If you do what you have always done, you will go bankrupt". Why? Because the environment changes. I see too many people wishing for the good old days. Things change - adapt to thrive.

I read a cute little book on coaching tonight "What Could Happen If You Do Nothing - a Manager's Handbook for Coaching Conversations" by Jane Murphy.

I am a big believer in coaching, training and mentoring. This book focuses on the coaching.

It has 3 sections -

1 - Listening - clearly a key management skill. It has a ton of practical ideas on how to listen well.

2 - Asking. A well thought out question can definitely guide someone in the right direction.

3 - Suggesting. It includes such things as how to be tactful.

I have found the larger the company or the more perceived power that the person speaking (or coaching) is, the more careful they need to be. The greater the power, the more people take suggestions, questions and comments at criticisms or as commands. This can be dangerous and have unintended consequences. Followers should not blindly follow but they seem to the more powerful the leader is.

I have often found that the leader or manager does not know the "right" answer. They simply need to give confidence to their coachee to make decisions and take a path. Confidence to trust themselves.

Communication is a key leadership skill that can be studied and learned. Tact is a good part of it.


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