Sunday, March 06, 2011

Success and Discomfort

I have been traveling and usually do not live quite as healthily when I do. At home I run well , do weights, eat well and take my vitamins. On the road, food is less healthy and I make excuses to not work out. Need to polish my road warrior systems.

My latest theory is success involves a bit of discomfort. For example, being healthy means I am slightly uncomfortable while working out. And not eating can mean slight discomfort which some people interpret as hunger.

For example, reading instead of watching TV involves a bit more work so hence - discomfort.

I am not a believer in discomfort for puritan reasons, but when it is connected to success, I am. Part of it is short term pain for long term gain (see number 5 in my 11 Tricks for Self Discipline).

So the key then is to figure out how to make the discomfort less noticeable. Some tricks I use:

1 - Focus on the goal. Looking at numbers and thinking how success will feel can help me through it.

2 - Make it a habit (or as I say - a success habit). People tend not to think much once something is a habit.

3 - Distraction. Some people use music. I tend to set myself with a problem to solve.

4 - Choose between 2 discomforts. EG - I can ride the exercycle or do elliptical.

5 - Get started. I find it is easier to finish when I actually start.

6 - Positive self talk. It is a privilege to be able to work out.


And my book suggestion for the day is As One - Individual Action Collective Power by Mehrdad Baghai and James Quigley.

I was prepared for an advertorial. I did not even particularly like the title. But I was wrong - this is an outstanding book.

The book introduces 8 archetypes. Early in the book, it uses a flowchart to direct you based on your business situation to which archetype is likely right for you.

For each archetype, there is an "inspirational" story about the archetype. There is then a detailed story of one of the inspirations mentioned in the first section. then there is a section of 6 characteristics of the archetype. And finally a applicability section on how to use that type and what works well, what to work on etc.

EG - one Archetype is "The Producer and Creative Team". The intro share glimpses of Blockbuster. The detailed chapter was on Cirque du Soleil. The characteristics included:

1 - Producers articulate.
2 - Team is recruited for individual talent and what they add to the team.
3 - Creative team has full power.
4 - Success is measured by ability to innovate as well as reach original objectives
5 - Dissent is used to push creative boundaries
6 - Creative team collaborates intensely

Then a series of questions like:

1 - Have you got the right mix of talent
2 - How disciplined is the creative process

As with any categorization, no one is just one type. We are parts of many. I had trouble deciding my "type" (perhaps that is a characteristic of my type)


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