Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Our Reaction

Most things that happen - positive or negative happen because of our reactions.  It is not what happens - it is our reaction to it that is important.

I do not do politics.

The Trump victory will cause massive reactions in the stock market, housing prices, oil prices, gold prices, currency etc.  There will be great uncertainty while people try to figure out what is going to happen.  The reactions (and over reactions) are the issue.

The impacts are tough to know.  The US $ could weaken causing the Canadian $ to go up.  But the price of oil could weaken causing the Canadian $ to go down.  And the uncertainty in Canada could cause less buying.  In the end, it is impossible to figure out all the interactions.

Danby will do fine.  Danby has survived ups and downs and uncertainties.  Danby is actually better positioned than most companies.  We have significant business in Canada.  We are financially strong.

Leadership through these times usually calls for conservative and cautious thinking.  This, too, is a reaction that can cause less spending.  This is actually the natural reaction I have to this situation.   My frugal nature is well suited for difficult times.  This conservativeness can cause a shrinking in the economy which will allow conservatively managed companies to say "I told you so".

I have always thrived during times of high change - both up and down.  Change is opportunity.  This could be a period of high change.

Leadership at this times needs more fluidity.

But think.  Just because there are reactions happening, will you go hungry?  Will you have to live on the street?  You still have family and friends.  Count your blessings.  Now is the time to be zen.  Breathe.

If you do not have a gratitude journal, today is the day to start one.  Simply get a book and write in it all the things you are grateful for.

And know that time passes and things are always ok.

Be grateful.


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