Monday, July 18, 2016

More Customers - More Calls

I always say more companies and people fail from perfection than speed.

Of course for some things, like surgery, I want perfection.

Lack of perfection can cost time.  For example - Danby sells about 2,000,000 appliances per year.  If 1% of the customers have problems or questions, that is 20,000 calls or emails.  My experience is if those are not resolved perfectly and in a timely manner, many people contact the CEO (That would be me).  So any lack of perfection in our process costs me time.   So it makes sense to polish the process.

I am a big believer in closed loop.  If someone calls us, figure out the why and change the product, the label, the packaging - whatever the problem is so there are less calls.  Now the challenge with that is the manuals can become tomes since there is always someone with a unique problem that you could add to the manual.  The catch 22 here is - the longer the manual - the less it gets read.

And with Danby's introduction of table top appliances like smoothie blenders, electric kettles etc, the number of customers will climb dramatically.  So perfect process it is...

For those who greatly prefer email to texts (like me) because of the organization of it, I am enjoying using Gyst.  And yes, I invested in the company.

I had previously written on Bitcoin so was fascinated by the huge Block Chain Heist.  It is a real story of intrigue.  2 videos on the topic here and here.

And to counter balance all the worrisome things going on in the world, we have grandkids:


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