Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I have previously commented on negative interest rates.  It turns out they have the opposite to the intended effect - people save - not spend.  Interest article on it here.

I was recently hiking on the beautiful Bruce Trail near Ancaster.  At the Sulphur Springs Rail stop information kiosk has a flyer for a kids summer camp.  It looked great:

Learn how to read maps.
Learn how to use a compass.
Learn how to make an emergency lean to.
Learn how to start a fire without matches.

Now I am thinking it looks perfect then:

Learn how to cook a hotdog over a fire.

Really?  I want to see the tough wilderness camper who has to stay in an emergency hand made shelter and make fire without matches who needs to know how to cook a hotdog over a fire.  Really - would you even be able to find a hotdog tree to get one in the first place if you were lost in the wilderness?

It reminded me of a satirical documentary about the pasta harvest.
I read a book - Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when the Stakes are High.  Interesting book.  I found I already employed many of the techniques suggested.

I liked the respect prayer "Lord help me forgive those who sin differently than I"


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