Thursday, August 04, 2016


I have previously blogged about Bitcoin so was fascinated (and slightly distressed) that there was a $60,000,000 theft of them.

Someone once asked a bandit why they robbed the bank.  The answer "because that is where the money is".  So why Bitcoin?  Because that is where the money is.

It is distressing to see bad guys everywhere trying to disrupt things.

I had blogged about pokemon and the possible health benefits.  Well the first story is out - a guy lost 25 pounds playing the game.

I believe in gamification.   I am a big believer in success habits.  I am thinking of ways to gamify more of those.

Although I usually do not consider the Onion to be a definitive source of information, I think they may be right in the fighting skills of men.

I am reading with interest about negative yield bonds.  I am just not smart enough to figure out why someone would want to buy them.  I know in our business, many companies choose to sell products for a loss which I guess is the comparable.  Again, I am not smart enough to understand why selling below cost is smart.

It reminds me of guy who thought he would make his fortune off change machines.  He bought machines that when someone put in a $5 bill spit out 5 loonies.  He set up 2 of them at the carwash and expectantly went to count the $5 bills in the machines.  Tallied it all up and said "darn - just breaking even.  I need more machines so I can do more volume".

And to balance the world - Josh and Victoria.  You can tell - Josh particularly likes to sit still.  Good thing I work out so still have some arm strength left for holding my grandkids.


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