Monday, November 23, 2015

Simple Rules and Busking

I recently listened to a book - Simple Rules - How to Thrive in a Complex World by Donald Sull.

It is a great book that explains not only why simple rules work but how you can develop them.

Simple rules work because:

1. They save resources, especially time and energy.
2. They can be adjusted the given circumstances.
3. They help to eliminate confusion and consequent hesitation.
4. They provide a framework within which to improvise.
5. They allow flexible collaboration, especially under duress.

One thing I like about the thesis is it ties well to Daniel Pink's studies on willpower being limited.  Simple rules can be a way "around" willpower.

One of my simple rules is to always listen to audio books while I am in the car.  Some are so captivating, I even go for longer walks so I can listen more.

Some very complex things are best NOT handled with simple rules, rather a checklist works best.  For example - flying a plane.  Perhaps the simple rule is to use the checklist.

I know one of the best geniuses for writers or marketers is to simplify and Sull does that well in this book.  It is a good insightful book that will provoke thought and likely action.

And a picture of my grand daughter busking.  She (and he brother) play songs as long as you keep throwing money in the case.  If you don't for 10 seconds they stop.  So of course this goes through the change fast.  Fortunately, they do not seem to mind if I reach in and use their own change to tip them.

Very entrepreneurial.

And a beautiful winter has arrived.


At 9:18 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I must commend you on your sponsoring of those 30 Syrian refugee family. God bless you brother.


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