Friday, November 13, 2015

Life Lessons by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

I had read Elizabeth Kübler-Ross and David Kessler's book - Life Lessons - what 2 experts on death and dying can teach us about life and living.   Recently I attended an event where the book was discussed.  I ascribe to Stephen Covey's 7th law - Sharpening the Saw - take the breaks needed to rebuild.  For me, attending seminars does that.

You would think the obvious lesson would be "life is short" (and I was tragically reminded of that last night when I attended the funeral visitation of Kate Waterston, a 34 year old who died of a brain aneurysm) but that is not the focus of the book.  Rather it is about how to live.

Some of the lessons:

1 - Be happy now.  For me, part of this is having a habit of being grateful.  The more grateful I am, the more content I am and that, for me, is happiness.  I do have a great life.

2 - Fear limits life.  What could you do if you had no fear?  Fear creates limits.  Approach life from that view.

3 - Forgive.  To not forgive limits your life and to be perfectly selfish often is irrelevant to the person you are not forgiving.

One quote from the book:

"Great people don't have something everyone else does not - they've simply removed a lot of the things that get in the way"

It is a good book and was an inspiring event.


And a Huffington Post article by my friend AJ on being or not being an entrepreneur.


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