Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Social Media is Broken...

One of my friends forwarded me an article on how Social Media is broken and should be "started all over again".   He thought I might disagree but actually I do not.  I agree with most of it.  Social Media needs to be a place companies interact with real customers.

DDE Media does a lot of social media for clients.  And the 2 most important roles are the toughest to see.  Responding/monitoring what is being said and adding new appropriate followers.  Without a following, the best content does not get read.

I think social media needs to be at least 80% for the value of the reader.  Add value to the reader then you can be advertorial.   Even then, you often do not need to be overt about it.  Simply saying something interesting, funny or meaningful keeps you in the mind of the reader (possible customer).

It ties to an article I wrote a few years ago on the fallacy of ROI in marketing.   The gist of it is, we do not buy because of a single marketing activity, we buy because of a combination of them over time.

Much of social media is just reminding people "we are still here".

Social media, like devices, has contributed to short attention span.  National Post says our attention span rivals that of a goldfish.


A good article on simple shareholder documentation by one of my friends.

Reminds me a bit about good writing.  Brevity and clarity count.

My daughter sent me photos of her PhD binders she submitted for tenure.  Included with the photos was a gem.


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