Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Brand Leadership

I am enjoying my CEO position at Danby.  I like being in operator mode.  

The business is large enough that 1% here or there adds up quickly.  And the brand is well known - especially in Canada.  Danby has some serious market share in bar fridges,  window air conditioners, freezers and microwaves.

Not a lot of new concepts, however it certainly pushed me to look and think of things differently - particularly from a brand leadership vs. brand management perspective.

In summary:
·       The authors introduce the difficulties encountered when marketing in a globalized world.
o   The challenges in being global, local and personal (I would add emotional) all at the same time
o   Consumers appreciate the strength and perceived reliability of global brands, however at the same time yearn for authentic, locally occurring, personal experiences.

·  ·       An overall decline in trust
o   Old marketing tactics have lead consumers to be skeptical, therefore marketers need to become more savvy to earn their trust

·       Changed Perception of Value
o   Value no longer equates to ‘low price’. Value is in the eye of the customer and is learned from interaction.
o   Leads to a new customer-perceived brand value equation: Trustworthy Brand Value

·       Three-Box Model – requires global and regional teams to collaborate
o   Box 1: Create the brand vision
o   Box 2: Define the global brand plan to win
o   Box 3: Bring the brand to life

Good stimulating book.

I continue to enjoy doing some SEO work with DDE media.  

One client specializes in getting clients government funding for business by writing grant applications.   This is a highly competitive search phrase so difficult to get page 1 for.  

I find it fascinating how Google decides who gets first page.  I think it is the intellectual challenge of it that is the fun.
I had 2 of my grandchildren over for dinner a few days ago.  

Of course I was showing them my garden.  We still have a few red currents and I told my grandson he could eat them off the bush to which he said "Are they poisonous?"

This of course put me in a dilemma.   Do I say:

1 - "yes - I invited you here tonight to poison you".
2 - "I don't know.  I thought if I got you to eat them, I would find out"

He ate them...


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