Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Suck Your Thumb

Persistence pays - except where it does not.  Knowing what to persist on and what not to is the challenge.  Fail Often, Fail Fast, Fail Cheap.  Sometimes it is best to just move on.

My grand daughter is learning to crawl.  I was send the video below of her efforts.

I was going to suggest that she would be faster and more efficient if she did not stop so often to suck her thumb (and of course she always takes my advice).  But is that right?  Likely not.

What is happening is she is getting frustrated (as I think most people would if they pushed their heads across the floor) and needs to take a break and calm herself before trying again.  What she is doing shows genius that we can all learn from.  Know and have things that "pick us up" or "calm us down" so we can go back to persisting.

And on another topic - the weather has been perfect.  Well, it all depends on perspective.

At Danby, I am now in the window and portable air conditioner business.   So hot weather sells air conditioners.  For my gardening it is a bit warm at mid day and some plants suffer from the heat - although my lettuce is still growing well and not yet bitter.

Now, we need some rain - for the dehumidifier sales and to replenish the rain barrels.


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