Sunday, March 08, 2015

Sales See Saw

We are new (since Dec 1/2014) in our new business - DDE Media.   We have almost 10 full time writers working at our office now (plus the bookkeeper, Graphics Designer, etc).  So the office has a bit of life.

I now am suffering for a start-up syndrome I have seen play out often.  I am really the only person who sells for us right now.  But I do some of the work (especially around SEO) and much of the orchestration.  So I am the limiting factor - the funnel point that limits growth.

What happens is one month, we close sales but the next we are scrambling to deliver on that work so we sell little.  And the sales see saw kicks in - high one month, low the next.

No genius solution - just an observation.

Speaking of sales, I read an interesting book this weekend - Selling Above and Below the Line - Convince the C Suite, Win Over Management - Close the Sale by Skip Miller.

I always love any book on sales.  I can always learn something or be inspired more.    The goal is always to sell more, bigger and faster.

The problem Selling above and Below tries to solve is many times what appeals to the managers - the features and benefits do not make the sales to the CEO.  So it talks about the dual selling strategy.  I know when I was CEO of SYNNEX, I would often get the wrong pitch.  A pitch that was not in line with the overall corporate goals but one that was more feature oriented.

I liked chapter 16 that talked about accelerating the sale.  I know this is a challenge.  I have lots of sales that are 90% likely to happen but payroll that needs making now.

I particularly like any sales book that gives me ideas on increasing sales efficiency.  This is a lot about what sales tricks are all about.

Good sales people get rejected 80 or 90% of the time.  A good inspirational sales book helps pump them up to go out and sell another day.

I notice in my own selling of SEO work that I have a very strong lead up to the sale.  Everyone wants to speak to me.  Everyone likes the reports we do.  Everyone loves the presentation.  But then, many of them stop and do not follow through with the order.  So I need to figure out what that is all about.  I am thinking my benefits sell to the CEO but the managers see that it will create work for them so they balk.

I am still grieving the loss of my father.  Part of the cycle of life though opens up space for all the young ones coming into the world which I am grateful for.

Youngest to oldest grandkids - Elizabeth (the one who likes to sleep), Xavier (who also likes to sleep), Victoria and Josh.


At 3:05 AM, Anonymous Aakanksha said...

Great to see your grandkids Jim.
I also liked the way you are honestly describing your long sales pipeline.
This is something I can relate to, because I started going on the same path to pitch my product to CEO's and it seems to be winding up to the managers.

I think DDE Media would appeal most to marketing managers.


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