Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Performance Pipeline

Beautiful day here. It was snowing late last night when I was on a short run. And some of it stayed. Snow in New England and area made the news primarily because 2.3 million people are without power.

I was a bit surprised by the snow. It is still quite warm. Still have to harvest carrots, leeks and squash.

Today I did a longer run but inside on a treadmill. Thinking I am getting soft.

I read "The Performance Pipeline - Getting the Right Performance at Every Level of Leadership" by Stephen Drotter.

I had read and reviewed his previous book - "The Leadership Pipeline - How to build a Leadership Powered Company"

As you can deduce from the titles, Drotter feels that almost everyone in a company should be a leader.

The introduction "Dealing with pervasive uncertainty" talks about all the unknowns of the current situation. Although I feel these uncertainties, there is a part in everyone that wants to think that the current time has greater uncertainty than others. I have found we always feel that way though.

He talks about not only having good leadership skills but applying them properly for optimum performance.

Of course he also touches on succession planning. This is the key role for any board. Also key for any organization to have long term staying ability.

Performance Pipeline draws on decades of experience and research so has many interesting stories. The best learning is often gained through stories (and they keep it interesting).

This is an HR book of sorts. There is a great list of interview questions in the appendix. I always find it easiest to pick questions from such a list.

Good book - too much to summarize. Best to just read it.

Now off to read another book.


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