Thursday, October 06, 2011

Gary Hamel - The Future of Management

Still reporting from #WBF11. The sessions are awesome and inspirational.

I had lunch with the people putting on C2-MTL, a creativity conference being held in Montreal in May of next year. Their program looks great. Cohosted with Circ du soleil so should be inspirational. Hopefully they will ask me to join them as either a blogger or presenter.

Listening to Gary Hamel - visiting professor of Strategic and International Management at London Business School. Wall St journal calls him "world's most influential business thinker". Some quotes:

"deep change takes a crisis" (Seems to me this often happens in personal health situations)
"think like an engineer, feel like an artist"
"less than 25% of the CEOs said they were happy with their innovation pipeline - and they are benchmarking against lackluster peers"
"When you limit an individual's autonomy, you also limit their passion" (As a CEO, I tried very hard to give my people autonomy - perhaps that is why we were successful. And perhaps if you ask my people, they would say I should have tried harder to give them autonomy (I became better over time))
"it is not that work sucks it is that management blows"
"Only 14% of the staff are highly engaged, 62% moderately and 24% disengaged" (Which confirms what I already knew. The key to business success is greater staff engagement)


Rethink first principles. Answer the question "What is the ideology of management". We need to think more autonomy than control of staff.

"We have a hard time thinking of a world without bureaucracy"

He is an inspirational, energetic speaker. (I notice a theme. Great speakers are energetic)


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