Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Howard Shultz - Starbucks at #WBF11

Howard Shultz from Starbucks spoke. No one can deny that Starbucks has built a great company. I wonder if selling an addictive product helps?

"To exceed customer expectations starts with exceeding expectations of the staff first". People need believe in the leaders of their companies first.

He spoke about the truisms of social media. First establish relationships then you can sell to them - but only a bit. One of my views in social media - try to add value first. Good way to act in life. Add value.

I do not drink coffee so have less appreciation for Starbucks than many people. I do drink tea but find I can boil water about as well as anyone else (and for good tea, the water needs to be boiling). As a frugal guy, I only pay for tea when I feel a need from convenience (I am not near home) or I want the experience (meeting with someone or doing email).

I was impressed that Shultz was brave enough to get political. I do not do politics and in the US particularly, being political will alienate half of the populace. According to Shultz, he became overtly political after the debt ceiling crisis. "All political decisions today are made looking towards the election".

"Leadership is about courage."


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