Wednesday, October 05, 2011

#WBF11 Gary Burnison - Korn Ferry and Angela Ahrendts - Burberry

The next speaker was Gary Burnison from Korn Ferry. I did not recognize the name although I certainly knew the company. Burnison was a great speaker. I guess that should not surprise me - most CEOs are. (One suggestion I have for any aspiring leader is to join Toastmasters)

I think part of the reason he is a good speaker is he uses stories.

"Ceo is in the what business and the how business...but now it is much more about the people business".


Angela Ahrendts CEO of Burberry. Burberry is a leading UK consumer brand of clothing, handbags etc. $2.5B in revenue. It is the 4th fastest growing global brand (although I am sure that will increase when people read this blog entry)

She moved Burberry from a struggling company that was known for trench coats to a highly successful mid/highend brand.

She did that by pushing innovation. She hired a Chief Creative Officer to vision where the company should go.

The Chief Technology Officer has mission to get the word out. Of course they have done this through social media. "more people come to our internet site than to any of our stores". Burberry has more facebook fans than any other global brand. They have even launched products solely through social media.

She wants her people to "not do it for me, not do it for you - do it for the brand".

"Dreams are your most exciting thoughts, your future life in 3D, and by envisioning in your mind you are creating your life roadmap"

"Lead with intuition. Intuition fosters creativity"


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