Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Art of Possibility

Benjamin Zander - The conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra did more than speak. He sang and played the piano. He is hugely high energy and hugely positive. It drives home to me that energy and positivity are part of success.

His topic was the Art of Possibility(the title of her book). I previously reviewed it. Had I heard him before I read it, I suspect I would have been more effusive.

He spoke of giving students an A at the first of their class then ask them to live up to it.

"The secret of life is it is all invented" referring to how we create our life in our mind. And we control our mind. It is not what happens to us, it is how we view it. He advocates having a perfect life.

It is tough to write how energetic and inspirational Zander is. He uses music (and I always say I am not musical - but I can always change my mind - what is the point of having a mind if you cannot change it). If you ever have the opportunity to hear him - go.

And remember rule #6 - Don't take yourself too seriously. (there are no other rules)


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