Thursday, August 26, 2010

Limits to Creative Energy

In my experience, there are limits to creative energy. Sometimes in a very short period of time I can prepare a great speech, powerpoint or article. Other times, it takes me five times as long to produce quality material(or it never gets produced).

And what I have found is these creative periods tend to be short. Of course my goal is to make them more and longer.

Some tricks I try are:

1 - The old timer trick. Set my Blackberry timer for 25 minutes. And just do it. 25 minutes is short enough that I can do it any time.

2 - Stimulation. I find reading often acts as a stimulus. I take notes while I read.

3 - Rest. Obvious but I am more creative if I am rested.

4 - Health. I am more creative if I am healthy.

5 - Exercise. A good run or weight lifting session can inspire.

6 - Setting goals. I always work better with goals. Creative goals work for me.

Off for another busy day.


At 5:00 PM, Blogger Kevin Dee said...

One of the things I do is to go and visit some sites that I feel demonstrate creativity. By "soaking up" other people's creative juices I can find myself thinking a little differently.

One such site is Seth Godin's blog. An easy read but he really makes you think!

Another site I visit is called the Ideas Database from Springwise, which lists many interesting new business ideas.

Google either of these sites and you'll find them.

Don't laugh ... but there is also a technique sometimes used in group sessions to try and get people thinking a little creatively. You ask everyone to write some stuff down with their wrong hand ... the act of concentration needed to achieve that, somehow unleashes some creative powers! Try it!

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous SWrightBoucher said...

This may sound odd but I believe we need to schedule time for creativity. That means reserving time in the calendar and clearing everything off the desk or moving to another area for some unfettered, free thinking time.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Tahira Endean CMP said...

All excellent ideas - as creative people we need constant inspiration and we need to feel inspired by what is around us, reading, talking to people, seeing pop culture and traditional art, music, culture, leadership trends and more to stay engaged. If we aren't engaged, healthy, rested - it is impossible to truly create.

Then it is a time factor - and yes scheduling time to do it without interruption is key. If I have to squeeze it in at my desk, I turn off the inbox, crank the iPod with Blue Man Group or Afro Celt Sound System and pump it out - the best part of any day!


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